The Boys

Ez – Yo – Ky            #ezlohky


We are the proud parents of three little men. Currently all under 5 years old. Each boy has his own very distinct personality and we are learning new things from them each and every day.

Ezra is our oldest main man. He is almost 5 and doesn’t have a very good filter. I am neverous to take him out in public most days. He tends to have more attitude and is bit more hard headed then the other two seem to be. He loves being a big brother but not more than he currently loves Pokemon.

Miloh (Yo) is our middle child and he lets us know it. His nickname is different than the other two due to the fact Ez called him Mi-yo when we first brought him home and it just progressed from that to Yo-yo or Yo. He is our strong big boy that tends to have more extreme emotions than the others. He is such an amazing brother except when he has to share Buzz Lightyear.

Kyler is the youngest of our trilogy. He was our surprise a baby.  He just turned one year old and is developing such a loving personallity. He has a sneaky little grin and contagious laugh. His current favorite things are anything to do with a “kitty”.