Dino Park Kaiserslautern

Happy Late Father’s Day to all the fathers or father figures out there!

This year for to celebrate with Husband we made a last-minute plan to go to the Dino Park in K-Town. We have talked about going since we moved but never just got up and went.

We got dressed right after brunch, I packed up a backpack of snacks, water, diapers, and band aids, and then we headed out the door.IMG_0543

There seems to be a ton of parking but we came on a busy day I guess cause we ended up parking in what looked to be bus parking but there were others parked there so we just followed suit. Yes we risked getting a ticket but on the bright side we did not have to pay for parking.

All 3 boys were free and it only cost 14 Euro for Cody and I. There was a Lego Exhibition going on that I am not sure if it is there all of the time or not. They had a small room of Legos for the kids to play in there. My kids would have just stayed there if it was up to them.

There isn’t much to see until you cross a long bridge in to the garden area.

Once you are on the other side of the bridge it is like a huge almost hidden fantasy garden. You get in there and you forget that you are in the middle of city.

If you go to the right from there you go through a lot of just garden and picnic area until your path taking you up a very big hill. We did this part of the park 2nd so we were just gave out by then. We did not enjoy this part because of being so tired. Up there hill there were a ton a more gardens, a barefoot trail, and a few most specific things that if you like you can read about on their website linked here. http://www.gartenschau-kl.de/info-service/ We will probably not be going back to that side because everything we really like and want to do is to the left as you get off the bridge.

Going left off the bridge took us right to a skatepark, soccer area, and mini golf. From there it opened up into a big picnic and play area. There was pirate ship, swings, slides, jungle gyms, a water park, concert areas, and plenty of dinos to see along the way.

It was so much to take in and when we go back I am sure we will find even more that we maybe didn’t notice this first time.

My favorite things were a hidden music play area, the chute, and just all of the well placed slides and hidden gems. Even thought the one side wasn’t really our cup of tea I do recommend heading to the Dino Park if you get chance. We liked it enough that we are planning getting season passes. It is so close to where we live and will be something the kids will always enjoy.

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❤ Shy

Watching Wonder Woman With Boys

As with most children and adults, my boys love superheroes. We tend to lean toward being Marvel fans but we aren’t against giving DC a chance when a new movie comes out. I was so excited for Wonder Woman and could not wait to see it.

When we first started talking about wanting to go see Wonder Woman Ezra of course was interested because he loves going to the movies. Though we were pretty sure he would be interested in going to see the movie we let him watch the movie trailer first. As soon as it started playing he automatically was like yes we need go see this. Once the trailer was over he asked who was Wonder Woman. We told him that she was a superhero. Then he just had to go and say exactly what I didn’t want him to say.

“But she’s a girl!”

No. No. No he did not just say that. Where have I gone so wrong? What did I do that makes him think a girl cannot be a hero?

Then I realized it really wasn’t my fault. I do my best every day to make sure my boys know that girls are not only beautiful but smart, strong, and can do anything that a boy can do. I try to make sure my boys know to give respect to get respect no matter age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We do our best in modeling this in our day-to-day lives. I am sure there are some things we could do better but we try.

So what really made him say the dreaded but she’s a girl?

All the superhero movies out there that my child would be interested in have been male superheroes. Ez is just now showing a small interest in comic books, but we don’t have easy access to them right now. (or at least I haven’t found easy access yet) This is the first female hero he is going to be seeing as the main character in a movie. This is the first female-led hero movie since 2005’s Elektra. Ez was born in 2012 so this is the first female-led hero movie since he was born. Not trying to say that Black Widow or the Scarlet Witch don’t really matter but they have never been the full focus of the movies.


Our first attempt to see Wonder Woman was shot down quick because of tickets already being sold out. I really wanted to see the movie so we made it to the showing the next day 3 hours early. I am sure glad we did.

Wonder Woman did not disappoint. There are ton a positive reviews so I am not going go into all of that when a quick Google search will tell you that is was AWESOME.

Diana is strong, confident, and truly just wants to be the good in the world. This is what I want to strive to be and this is what I want my boys to strive to be.


Book Review and Life Update

Here is a video of my slight distracted book review of ‘Confession’s of a Domestic Failure’ by Bunmi Laditan and quick update on our lives her in Germany.

As you will be able to tell from the video I really enjoyed the book so I do suggest checking it out. Go subscribe to me on you tube and help a mother out.

❤ Shy

Barfusspfad Bad Sobernheim/Barefoot Trail

Memorial Day 2017 after a nice long weekend with husband we decided to have a little day outing with our boys. After a little digging I ran across a suggestion to go check out the Barefoot Trail that is just an hour away from where we live. After seeing that to Google I went to find the website and to see if this is something that would be fun for our boys. I found a few blogs, articles, and of course the actual website. so_plan


I intended to wake up early and get there right when the trail was opening, but that didn’t happen. We woke up right at 9am and took our time getting ready and eating. The drive from our house to the trail was easy. A nice ride through a few villages and of course holding my breath through some tiny curvy roads.

Be sure to use the address on the website for your GPS. If you just you use Google it will get you there but it doesn’t take you to the Free parking lot. From the parking lot to the trail is about a 3 minute walk. Signs are very clear reading Barfusspfad and pointing in the right direction and there are white-painted footprints on the path to get you there. Once you pass through a tunnel you are there. Be sure to use the bathroom before you start because the only bathrooms are at the entrance to the trail. They are clean for the most part but they are “campground” restrooms.

For all of us to get in was only 13 Euro and then we used 1 Euro to rent one of the lockers to hold our shoes. (Actually two because there was a learning curve to the locker and we are silly Americans.) The very first obstacle to walk through were a softer light-colored woodchips. I think they were pretty freshly spread out.

Next was a clay pond. Walking into the pond is GPTempDownload (6)easy. There is a hand rail because it is slick and of course Yo slipped and started out with clay everywhere. Not a big deal though because we did bring extra clothes and towels.

After this there were some river rocks to walk on and then a walk through some grass to some chain bridges, a spinning wheel, and hand pumped fountain to rinse off our feet. This is where the first of many nice picnic areas was before we started on longer walk to the next obstacle (A very cold man-made creek).

Next was just a nice walk. This was the longest section of nothing really to do other than enjoy the nature around you. We had some fun with the boys letting them race each other before we came to a stretch of obstacles followed by some different textures. All of these were right in direct sunlight and pretty hot. We did all rocks and sand but none of us liked stepping on the woodchips (which were a little of everywhere so we just skipped those).

The almost half-way mark is crossing the river. You can either take a bridge or just cross the river using the rope they have for you to hold onto. Looking back now taking the bridge with three small boys would have the the easiest options, but being the good ole Appalachian Americans that we are we walked right into the river. It was mostly awkward just trying to help the boys across so we will take the bridge next time. A nice German lady did offer to help Cody with Miloh because he was struggling a bit but he made it and then we took a much needed snack break.

At this point our GoPro ran out of juice.  There were a ton of fun obstacles after this of course. I will just let the photos explain themselves.

I did not manage to get any photos of the long stretch of different rocks, sandstones, and bricks. Again this was pretty hot since it was the middle of the day. Just making it known that I made my way across all of these and Husband cheated and jogged behind me in the grass making me think he was toughing it out with me.

There was a park for the kids to play on right before the last big obstacles. It was hot and my boys were sleepy so we didn’t spend to much time here. Their favorite thing there was this really awesome seesaw and they had fun in the Gingang Fusslabyrinth. Mind you they didn’t really follow the maze but hey they had fun.

For the last obstacle you get to choose what you want to do. There is boat that you pull yourself back across the river with or there is a swinging rope bridge. The boys picked the bridge. Once you are back across the river then you are pretty much back where you started. There is a snack bar that we got a Coke and pretzel from while the boys played in some sandboxes. There was a small play area there too. It was at this point we relized the tickets they gave us were stickers and we were suppose to were them. No one told us or corrected to we will just chalk this one up to the fact we are silly Americans again.

There are changing rooms if you need to change your clothes. By the time we made our way around the trail we had the clay washed off of us and then had time to dry so we didn’t a change of clothes. Do bring a towel so you can dry off your feet after using the foot wash before putting on your shoes.

We had a great a time and we will more than likely go to the Barfusspfad again. It is of course open seasonally and I would suggest going either early in the day or later in the evening because mid-day is hot. You can go around the trail as many times as you would during the day. There is also a Beer Garden right outside of the trail enterance for those that would want to enjoy that.

This is a very child friendly outing that I would highly suggest.

❤ Shy

I am linking out video from our adventure and a couple websites about the Trail.




Hello Family and Friends

Refreshing the blog…again.

This time is a bit different. I have decided to mostly use this blog to keep our family and friends involved in our adventures.

We are a small town family of five currently living in Germany.

I started this blog a long time ago but I never did much with it. I never found my voice with it. My husband and I are not writers by any stretch of the imagination so be kind when it comes to our lack of good editing. We also have the chaos of constantly being surrounded by small humans so our focus isn’t always 100%.  We simply decided to use this blog to share our adventures and lives with friends and family back home and anyone else who finds just stumbles upon us.

We will also have a youtube channel that we are going to be starting up very soon. It will be where we put videos of our adventures and maybe some other odd and in things.

We are just wanting to use this to invite everyone into a glimpse of our Haf-Way Decent family. (Inside joke and will make post and link it later)

Just a quick disclaimer. Any advice or opinions given in this blog or in videos are not made my professionals in whatever the subject may be. We are just a family sharing a little of us with you.

Any thing you would like to know about us, about life in Germany or being a new military family,  if you want to know our opinions on something, or just want to say hi please comment and share.

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Burg Nanstein: Our First Adventure In Germany

My family and I went on our first adventure in Germany today. We went to Burg Nanstein also called Landstuhl Castle. I am just now searching to learn more of the history to the Castle so here are a few links because I am not here to write a history but to give review of our adventure.



We decided to get ready this morning and go to the thrift store (because everything was 50% off), visit our first castle, and hit up a Trolls party. We first went to the thrift store and17553997_10155980319213082_8660272294856812480_n got some nice things for just around $20 including the baby backpack Ky traveled in to the castle. We are the kind of people who brag about how cheap we get something not how expensive it was. It was just a short trip then off to see the castle we went. We are on the cheap side because of moving finances are still getting figured out so we didn’t have much to spend and Husband wanted to take me somewhere for my birthday coming up.

We headed to Landstuhl to see the castle. The boys were very excited to go see a castle like in Beauty and the Beast. Driving through Europe is still extremely nerve racking for us. All of the small streets that are not one way streets but because I am from the U.S. I feel like they should be, make me very nervous so Husband drives any time we go out. Once you get to the street that you need to take to get to the parking lot of the hotel and the castle you start questioning if you are suppose to go that way when you first see it. For us the road looks like a side walk. Yes you turn that way and it does have a sign on the bottom in English that says restricted to hotel and castle quest. After passing it a couple times we turn up that way and it opens up and you realize you are going the right way.

17626172_10155980287568082_752854761693947673_nAs you drive up a very steep driveway you pass a park right before you get to the hotel. We took the boys there after seeing the castle. It was a very fun little play area. There was a slide, a spring thing, a play castle, and swings. My boys enjoyed it.

We decided to park at the hotel since it was in between the play area and the castle. It was just a small hike each way. On your way up (and down) the path to the castle there are few tree stumps and they have carved faces into them. It is whimsical or could be scary depending on your perspective. Personally I thought it made the walk much more magical.

Once we got to the castle of course we took quiet a few photos of the outside before heading in. When you get up the stairs there’s a window to your right to pay. Kids under 7 years old are free, minors 7 years and up are 2,50 Euro, Adults are 4,00 Euro, and there are discounts which are stated online and on a board right outside. There was a bit of a hard time communicating with the man at the window. We did get a discount for being military which is what he may have been confirming or maybe he was worried he didn’t have change cause we only had 20 Euro. Either way we got through it and it was all good.

We let our boys lead the way. It was so much fun watching them explore. It is not stroller17629951_10155980245713082_4119399295117921387_n friendly in any way. I would suggest a baby backpack, Ergo, Tula, or even a baby leash if you have small kids. Our older boys listen pretty well for the most part so we don’t usually have to use anything with them but of course Ky can’t walk yet.

There are some beautiful spiral stairs. We did have the boys hold our hands when we would go up these and of course if we were up higher without good barriers between the kids and you know death. There weren’t many death areas in my opinion or at least not for my kids.

For me it was so cool just feeling like I was standing in a piece of history. Though I couldn’t read many of the signs it was really neat. They do offer an audio tour but with our boys we knew just getting through the castle would be an accomplishment. I kept telling my husband how badly I wanted to be dressed up. I was getting some major Game of Thrones vibes.

Ezra and Miloh where just amazed in general. Ez even made up stories about how there was a princess trapped, a monster that needed to be fought, and heroes in armor. I can’t tell you it word for word but that was the gist. Their imaginations were working over time. As a mom this was magical all on it’s on.

I have never been to a castle in Europe before so I have nothing to compare it to but I would give this little visit 10 stars. It was an easy visit for first timers and we had tons of fun. Depending on you and your comfort level of hikes and old buildings with your kiddos would really factor into if I would highly suggest this for you. We have 4 years old, 2 years old, and 11 months old and had a nice day out.

Great memories were made today.


Welcome To Germany: The Flights

We are here!!! We are finally here in Germany with my husband!!!

After so much paperwork and a few surprise set backs it is so nice to finally be back together after being apart for almost 10 months. We have now been here almost one month and things are starting to settle in. We do have a ways to go though.

Our travel had it’s ups and it’s downs. Getting into the airport and waiting on our first flight was actually very easy. We got there early and had plenty of time to check in and get through TSA. We even had an hour to sit with our family and friends before we left. Of course right before we bored some tears were shed and many hugs were given.16999009_1439795582697504_7616399903828519637_n

Our first flight was a very small plane. Ez ended up sitting behind Yo, Ky, and Myself but he made a friend with the passenger next to him. It had terrible turbulence. We even had a 20 minute delay. I was so grateful that I told the airline I would need help getting to my next flight at my lay over. I more than likely would have missed my second flight if it weren’t for the help I got. Shout out to American Airlines.

Once we bored onto our 2nd and last flight that would land us into Frankfurt Germany things were actually very smooth. We had a whole middle row for just us and the plane wasn’t very full. We had our snacks and dinner served to us on the plane. The flight attendant held my baby while I took the older boys to potty and then the boys settled in playing with mess free markers and robot toys. They wanted to watch a movie but I said no and had them lay down to sleep. I think this really helped with the jet lag. All three boys got right at about 5 hours of sleep. I got none. Right as I was about to dose off the light came on for breakfast.

All and all a fairly uneventful trip……..then we landed.

I decided to wait for almost everyone to exit the plane before getting my gang off. There was another mom behind me who was very friendly. I didn’t catcher her name but she spoke very clear English and for what I could tell clear German too. We chatted as we left the plane.

I fell behind because I knew there should be my stroller waiting on me when I left the plane and I would need to get everyone settled into it but as fate would have it my stroller was no where to be found. Thank God I wore my Ergo.

With baby in the carrier and holding the hands of two little boys I made my way up a crazy steep escalator. This escalator led to no where. Literally I was in a maze with nothing but an Exit sign telling me where to go. That sign of course was in German with a small English translation under it. I followed that and figured I would eventually find my way out. I must have looked dazed and confused because as soon as I got to customs they pointed me right into the shortest line.

I got to baggage claim where I was hoping to find my husband. Seeing as we had 6 big bags, 3 car-seats, 2 carry on bags, and a lost stroller I knew I would need all the help. Husband was not there and as soon as my phone hooked up to the WiFi I found out that there was no way for him to get to me there. Some how I was suppose to magically get me, 3 boys, and all of our things down a hall and through a small maze to him all by myself.

Husband tried asking someone if he could get to me. They told him no and that I should have asked for help before I got there and someone would have been there to help. I did. I asked for assistance before I got on my first flight. They were no help at all. I made Ez and Yo sit to the side and just started pulling bags. A young Airmen sees me struggling and helped pull a few of my  bags for me. Then the lady who was behind me paid for my cart to help push all of this. In the mean time I cannot find my car-seats or stroller but I couldn’t have fit them any way so I make my way to husband.

We get to Cody and needless to say I am not happy. Being tired, confused, and disgruntled is just not a good look for me. Cody goes and finds our other things because I just don’t have it in me. After all of this Cody has parked at the wrong terminal. I send him with 2 boys and their car-seats to move the truck because there is no way for us move all our things.

It took hubs an hour to do this. I had an angry baby and no where to sit down. I just arrived in a new county with 3 small jet lagged boys and was about to have a crying break down in the German airport. Don’t ask me how but I held it together.

It was crazy trying to get back to the car because husband just did not know where he was going and was getting flustered.

It is about an hour and a half from the airport to our house and we had sleeping boys, one angry baby, an over emotional wife, and a nervous husband in one car. We made it though.

I took a shower and cleaned up the boys then husband kept me up until 7pm so that I could adjust to the time easier. Shout out to him for dealing with my hateful ass. 16864923_1546157625408432_2113174267198343049_n

No one gave me a heads up on how Frankfurt Airport was. I felt so lost when I landed to empty hall ways and no help or guidance. Over all flying with 3 small boys was pretty easy.

Though I did say, “Cody I love you but NEVER ask me to travel to a new country by myself with three small kids ever again because I will NOT do it again.”