About At Home With Boys

Image001Welcome to At Home With Boys. We are a small town family of five currently living in Germany.

I started this blog a long time ago but I never did much with it. I never found my voice with it. My husband and I are not writers by any stretch of the imagination so be kind when it comes to our lack of good editing. We also have the chaos of constantly being surrounded by small humans so our focus isn’t always 100%.  We simply decided to use this blog to share our adventures and lives with friends and family back home. Any one else who finds this just stumbled upon a happy accident.

We will also have a youtube channel that we are going to be starting up very soon. It will be where we put videos of our adventures and maybe some other odd and in things.

We are just wanting to use this to invite everyone into a glimpse of our Haf-Way Decent family. (Inside joke and will make post and link it later)

17499569_10155956918238082_4097156832573366816_nIf there is anything you want to know about us, see us do, or maybe want to hear our opinion on let us know.

❤ Shy

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