People Watching

 people watching
  1. the action or practice of spending time idly observing people in a public place

I am a people watcher. There is a line where this could be considered a creepy trait, but I try not cross it. Though I am sorry to anyone I may have got caught up watching and had my eyes on just a little to long and made you uncomfortable. I was probably caught up in something and sometimes it isn’t even the person I may be looking at cause I space out easily.

Truth: I haven’t always done this while people watching. I am guilty of judging someone merely because of what they were wearing or what their hair looked like. I could look at someone and just find flaws in their person without even talking to them or getting to know them. For those who know in the least may find this to be a bit of a “what the heck Shy?!?!” moment.

If any one has met me in high school then you know I wasn’t exactly a “popular” kind of person. I was never bullied really but I was weird. (I still am weird but I wear it a lot better now.) I feel pretty confident I was never a bully either even though I am sure I had my mean girl days I never tormented anyone. There was no denying though that I was different. With that being said, you would think that I wouldn’t be so quick to pass judgement on people. I was and I did though.

Why? Thanks for asking. I think I did this and still catch myself doing from time to time because of my own insecurities. I could look at someone and automatically just think of how I thought their makeup looked bad, their clothes are out of style, they were to big or to small, something was off about their appearance, they were hot-mess, they had a fake personality, and just negative judgements all the way around. I would decide the worth of this person in my life from mere superficial reasons.

I don’t feel good about this but there is nothing I can do about it but learn and grow from these mistakes, so I am not going to linger on them because that is not me now.

I guess you want to know why I still people watch if it isn’t to find flaws. I people watch now to do the exact opposite. I am not sure the exact day when it happened but I do remember how it came about. I was in a public area waiting for someone and because I am me my eyes would wander from person to person around me. It caught my attention that almost every couple I saw get onto the escalator near by would give a kiss about halfway up. Within about 20 minutes I counted 6 couples who turned and kissed on the escalator. It was sweet really.

Letting my eyes dart from person to person around the near by area I saw a women wearing a rather unflattering outfit in my opinion, but she had the coolest hair I had seen that day. I thought it was a shame that her clothes didn’t match the coolness of her hair because her hair made me want to do my hair the same way, instead of the hot-mess the mop on my head was that day, but her clothes made me want to not associate with her in any way. This led me to wondering what people see when they see me sitting here with three little boys trying to keep our chaos to a minimum and doing my best to try to stay fairly stylish with the stains on my shirt and mix-matched socks. How would I feel if everyone only saw only my flaws especially only my physical and outer flaws.


If I don’t like being judged so harshly on such petty things then why am I sitting here doing it. I know that I am probably not going to hang out or see most of these people I am watching again but who am I to send such negative energy and vibes their way.

Out of no where I was like I need to check in with myself. Why am being that way? Is it because I am more self-conscious than I want to admit? Am I jealous of something? I don’t know why but I don’t like this trait in myself. So what do I do…..CHANGE IT!! Because “If you see something that you don’t like…check in with your own life.”

As soon as I am made this connection in my mind I decided right then and there that I was going to stop with the mean observations of people and that I was going to do my best to only see the positive. Everyone is so unique and that is a beautiful thing about us human being. We all have our own style and our things that make us feel good so if it doesn’t hurt any one else let it be. That woman had cool hair and a nice smile and that is what I needed to notice about her. What she was wearing was just material and even though I am not fond of it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t feel good in it.

With that being said, I am a people watcher. Sorry if my eyes linger a little to long and make you feel uncomfortable because I try not to do that. I am simply admiring you in some way. I am trying to send good vibes your way by admiring you hair, your smile, your style, your body language, the way you handle the crying baby, etc. There are so many thing that are worth admiring in people you don’t know.

Find the good and send a stranger a positive thought today.

*On a side note if you do get creeper vibes from someone by all means use your judgement and stay away, stay far away.*


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