Tiny Dirty Feet and Scrapped Up Knees

Dear Tiny Dirty Feet and Scrapped Up Knees,

I don’t think I give you enough credit. I feel like often you are both looked at in a negative light. While you do have your disadvantages and less than appealing traits, I see you. I can see all of the good you have to give us in life.

Let’s start with you Tiny Dirty Feet, always tracking dirt throughout the house and helping your little human wander toward trouble. Keeping me busy sweeping and mopping my house every day. Making such a loud pit-pat as you make your way into my room early in the mornings just so your little human can use you to climb into my bed for good morning cuddles.

I remember when the nurse covered you with ink to leave a small print on the piece of paper I now keep safe inside of 3 books sitting on my shelf. I remember when each boy found you for the first time and it was the most adorable thing ever to watch them chew on your toes. They would laugh so hard when I would lean into you, Tiny Dirty Feet, and curl my nose and make a scene about how stinky you were, or how each boy would wiggle when I used my hair to tickle you ever so lightly.

Then there is you, Scrapped Up Knees always causing some chaos. Making your little human look like he has been beat up and causing me to have to keep a never-ending supply of band aids. Usually it is those darn Tiny Dirty Feet stumbling and causing you to appear. As our oldest little human would say, you give him the bloods and it hurts.

Even though I can honestly say you are not my favorite, I do see you showing your little human that magical boo-boo healing kisses are real. That even when there are “ouches” there’s always a mommy or daddy there to help save the day. Teaching little humans that with time, love, and patients everything gets better.

I know one day that Tiny Dirty Feet are going to grow to be Big Boy Feet and that Scrapped Up Knees are not going to need kisses to get better. This is just a small chapter in our little humans life. One day little human will be big human and we will be starting to write a whole new book. Even though Tiny Dirty Feet and Scrapped Up Knees keep a little chaos going right now it won’t always be this way, and I am going to appreciate this small time frame we have in this stage or life. I am going to snuggle and tickle those feet while kissing and bandaging scrapped up knees while I still can.

Yours Truly,



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