My Family, My Life, My Blog, My Channel

Taking time just to chill before we start our move in the next week. We are so excited to get on with this. We both just have a good feeling about this move working better for our family.


It was brought to my attention a few days ago that my last post did not give enough detail in 16 minutes to cover everyone and everything going on in our lives for the last 7 years. I am sorry that anyone could have taken offense in any way but I am also so confused as to how someone could have taken it for anything more than what it was. Just because everyone and everything wasn’t mentioned in this last post doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have eventually got to it. It was a condensed 7 years and just because I mention getting help from the church doesn’t mean it was the only place we received help from. It was just the first place we got help when we needed it before pretty much anyone knew what was going on in our lives. I never got to really say thank you to them and I took that last video to do so.

This blog and YouTube channel are my creative outlet and I can and will post whatever I want. Sometimes that means I will be posting fun times with my family and other times that means I will be getting serious. I will not be apologizing¬†every time someone finds something they don’t like especially if there was not wrong doing on my part. If the situation were to come and I say or do something that is way out of line then I will handle that if the time ever comes. This particular situation that spawned this post is not one I will be apologizing for.

I am trying to make a very relatable channel. I want people to see us as a real family with no filters. I want people to feel like we could be their quirky loveable neighbors. This means that I am not only going to post about our good times because we are normal and have our ups and down.

If this is something you think you want watch then by all means you are welcome here and on our YouTube. If you don’t want to read or watch then don’t.


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