In The Middle of a Food Transition

For about a month now I have been in a food transition. After some thought, research, and consideration I started transitioning to a more plant-based diet. I am not comfortable or at least not yet saying that I am becoming a vegetarian or vegan. I am just doing my best eating more plant-based foods.

Becoming vegetarian has never seemed like a real possibility to me. Why is that you ask?

  1. No one I know has become or is a vegetarian or vegan
  2. Being vegetarian or vegan is generally frowned upon in my family
  3. Lack of knowledge about vegetarians or vegans

More than one time I have set my mind and decided to that “I am a vegetarian.” Needless to say those moments lasted about a hot second. I never felt like I would have the support I needed to be able to succeed at this. To be honest I didn’t know much about what it actually means to be vegetarian and to add a sprinkle more honest I didn’t have the drive or will power to change.

After happening on a YouTube channel my interest and thought about trying to become vegetarian (again) popped into the back of my head. I did not immediately act on this but the thought just wouldn’t go away. First thing I decided to do was talk with Husband. It really mattered to me what he thought about me possibly becoming a vegetarian. I also knew that in order to do this I would need his support and he has never been a veggie-friendly person yet alone a vegetarian/vegan supporter.

Once Husband heard me out and a few jokes thrown in here and there it became clear to me that he was going to do his best supporting me in the transition. I knew he wasn’t going be perfect at it but knowing he is ultimately on my side mattered.

As I stated before I am not yet comfortable calling myself a vegetarian yet alone a vegan. I am in a transition period of switching to a more plant-based diet. Eventually I want to stop meat altogether but it isn’t something I am being able to do cold turkey. (punny) For me I have been gradually taking meat out of my diet for almost a month now. I am now to the point where I can almost make it a full week with no meat. (6 day high score) As of now my goal is vegetarian not vegan. I have my reasons and I plan on making a full post on those later.

There are a few changes other than a move and the change in my diet that I am making in my life. I want to let everyone in on it and to be apart of my journey. I am just now feeling confident in myself enough to share any of these changes because I have seen progress in my diet change. (I love BBQ chicken wings and I just didn’t want them when they were offered and when I ordered and tried to eat them any way I found them rather un-enjoyable even though Husband said they were great) I am hoping that everything falls in its place from here and just by taking baby steps I will get to being the me I want to be.




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