Dino Park Kaiserslautern

Happy Late Father’s Day to all the fathers or father figures out there!

This year for to celebrate with Husband we made a last-minute plan to go to the Dino Park in K-Town. We have talked about going since we moved but never just got up and went.

We got dressed right after brunch, I packed up a backpack of snacks, water, diapers, and band aids, and then we headed out the door.IMG_0543

There seems to be a ton of parking but we came on a busy day I guess cause we ended up parking in what looked to be bus parking but there were others parked there so we just followed suit. Yes we risked getting a ticket but on the bright side we did not have to pay for parking.

All 3 boys were free and it only cost 14 Euro for Cody and I. There was a Lego Exhibition going on that I am not sure if it is there all of the time or not. They had a small room of Legos for the kids to play in there. My kids would have just stayed there if it was up to them.

There isn’t much to see until you cross a long bridge in to the garden area.

Once you are on the other side of the bridge it is like a huge almost hidden fantasy garden. You get in there and you forget that you are in the middle of city.

If you go to the right from there you go through a lot of just garden and picnic area until your path taking you up a very big hill. We did this part of the park 2nd so we were just gave out by then. We did not enjoy this part because of being so tired. Up there hill there were a ton a more gardens, a barefoot trail, and a few most specific things that if you like you can read about on their website linked here. http://www.gartenschau-kl.de/info-service/ We will probably not be going back to that side because everything we really like and want to do is to the left as you get off the bridge.

Going left off the bridge took us right to a skatepark, soccer area, and mini golf. From there it opened up into a big picnic and play area. There was pirate ship, swings, slides, jungle gyms, a water park, concert areas, and plenty of dinos to see along the way.

It was so much to take in and when we go back I am sure we will find even more that we maybe didn’t notice this first time.

My favorite things were a hidden music play area, the chute, and just all of the well placed slides and hidden gems. Even thought the one side wasn’t really our cup of tea I do recommend heading to the Dino Park if you get chance. We liked it enough that we are planning getting season passes. It is so close to where we live and will be something the kids will always enjoy.

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❤ Shy


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