Watching Wonder Woman With Boys

As with most children and adults, my boys love superheroes. We tend to lean toward being Marvel fans but we aren’t against giving DC a chance when a new movie comes out. I was so excited for Wonder Woman and could not wait to see it.

When we first started talking about wanting to go see Wonder Woman Ezra of course was interested because he loves going to the movies. Though we were pretty sure he would be interested in going to see the movie we let him watch the movie trailer first. As soon as it started playing he automatically was like yes we need go see this. Once the trailer was over he asked who was Wonder Woman. We told him that she was a superhero. Then he just had to go and say exactly what I didn’t want him to say.

“But she’s a girl!”

No. No. No he did not just say that. Where have I gone so wrong? What did I do that makes him think a girl cannot be a hero?

Then I realized it really wasn’t my fault. I do my best every day to make sure my boys know that girls are not only beautiful but smart, strong, and can do anything that a boy can do. I try to make sure my boys know to give respect to get respect no matter age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. We do our best in modeling this in our day-to-day lives. I am sure there are some things we could do better but we try.

So what really made him say the dreaded but she’s a girl?

All the superhero movies out there that my child would be interested in have been male superheroes. Ez is just now showing a small interest in comic books, but we don’t have easy access to them right now. (or at least I haven’t found easy access yet) This is the first female hero he is going to be seeing as the main character in a movie. This is the first female-led hero movie since 2005’s Elektra. Ez was born in 2012 so this is the first female-led hero movie since he was born. Not trying to say that Black Widow or the Scarlet Witch don’t really matter but they have never been the full focus of the movies.


Our first attempt to see Wonder Woman was shot down quick because of tickets already being sold out. I really wanted to see the movie so we made it to the showing the next day 3 hours early. I am sure glad we did.

Wonder Woman did not disappoint. There are ton a positive reviews so I am not going go into all of that when a quick Google search will tell you that is was AWESOME.

Diana is strong, confident, and truly just wants to be the good in the world. This is what I want to strive to be and this is what I want my boys to strive to be.



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