Barfusspfad Bad Sobernheim/Barefoot Trail

Memorial Day 2017 after a nice long weekend with husband we decided to have a little day outing with our boys. After a little digging I ran across a suggestion to go check out the Barefoot Trail that is just an hour away from where we live. After seeing that to Google I went to find the website and to see if this is something that would be fun for our boys. I found a few blogs, articles, and of course the actual website. so_plan


I intended to wake up early and get there right when the trail was opening, but that didn’t happen. We woke up right at 9am and took our time getting ready and eating. The drive from our house to the trail was easy. A nice ride through a few villages and of course holding my breath through some tiny curvy roads.

Be sure to use the address on the website for your GPS. If you just you use Google it will get you there but it doesn’t take you to the Free parking lot. From the parking lot to the trail is about a 3 minute walk. Signs are very clear reading Barfusspfad and pointing in the right direction and there are white-painted footprints on the path to get you there. Once you pass through a tunnel you are there. Be sure to use the bathroom before you start because the only bathrooms are at the entrance to the trail. They are clean for the most part but they are “campground” restrooms.

For all of us to get in was only 13 Euro and then we used 1 Euro to rent one of the lockers to hold our shoes. (Actually two because there was a learning curve to the locker and we are silly Americans.) The very first obstacle to walk through were a softer light-colored woodchips. I think they were pretty freshly spread out.

Next was a clay pond. Walking into the pond is GPTempDownload (6)easy. There is a hand rail because it is slick and of course Yo slipped and started out with clay everywhere. Not a big deal though because we did bring extra clothes and towels.

After this there were some river rocks to walk on and then a walk through some grass to some chain bridges, a spinning wheel, and hand pumped fountain to rinse off our feet. This is where the first of many nice picnic areas was before we started on longer walk to the next obstacle (A very cold man-made creek).

Next was just a nice walk. This was the longest section of nothing really to do other than enjoy the nature around you. We had some fun with the boys letting them race each other before we came to a stretch of obstacles followed by some different textures. All of these were right in direct sunlight and pretty hot. We did all rocks and sand but none of us liked stepping on the woodchips (which were a little of everywhere so we just skipped those).

The almost half-way mark is crossing the river. You can either take a bridge or just cross the river using the rope they have for you to hold onto. Looking back now taking the bridge with three small boys would have the the easiest options, but being the good ole Appalachian Americans that we are we walked right into the river. It was mostly awkward just trying to help the boys across so we will take the bridge next time. A nice German lady did offer to help Cody with Miloh because he was struggling a bit but he made it and then we took a much needed snack break.

At this point our GoPro ran out of juice.  There were a ton of fun obstacles after this of course. I will just let the photos explain themselves.

I did not manage to get any photos of the long stretch of different rocks, sandstones, and bricks. Again this was pretty hot since it was the middle of the day. Just making it known that I made my way across all of these and Husband cheated and jogged behind me in the grass making me think he was toughing it out with me.

There was a park for the kids to play on right before the last big obstacles. It was hot and my boys were sleepy so we didn’t spend to much time here. Their favorite thing there was this really awesome seesaw and they had fun in the Gingang Fusslabyrinth. Mind you they didn’t really follow the maze but hey they had fun.

For the last obstacle you get to choose what you want to do. There is boat that you pull yourself back across the river with or there is a swinging rope bridge. The boys picked the bridge. Once you are back across the river then you are pretty much back where you started. There is a snack bar that we got a Coke and pretzel from while the boys played in some sandboxes. There was a small play area there too. It was at this point we relized the tickets they gave us were stickers and we were suppose to were them. No one told us or corrected to we will just chalk this one up to the fact we are silly Americans again.

There are changing rooms if you need to change your clothes. By the time we made our way around the trail we had the clay washed off of us and then had time to dry so we didn’t a change of clothes. Do bring a towel so you can dry off your feet after using the foot wash before putting on your shoes.

We had a great a time and we will more than likely go to the Barfusspfad again. It is of course open seasonally and I would suggest going either early in the day or later in the evening because mid-day is hot. You can go around the trail as many times as you would during the day. There is also a Beer Garden right outside of the trail enterance for those that would want to enjoy that.

This is a very child friendly outing that I would highly suggest.

❤ Shy

I am linking out video from our adventure and a couple websites about the Trail.





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