Burg Nanstein: Our First Adventure In Germany

My family and I went on our first adventure in Germany today. We went to Burg Nanstein also called Landstuhl Castle. I am just now searching to learn more of the history to the Castle so here are a few links because I am not here to write a history but to give review of our adventure.



We decided to get ready this morning and go to the thrift store (because everything was 50% off), visit our first castle, and hit up a Trolls party. We first went to the thrift store and17553997_10155980319213082_8660272294856812480_n got some nice things for just around $20 including the baby backpack Ky traveled in to the castle. We are the kind of people who brag about how cheap we get something not how expensive it was. It was just a short trip then off to see the castle we went. We are on the cheap side because of moving finances are still getting figured out so we didn’t have much to spend and Husband wanted to take me somewhere for my birthday coming up.

We headed to Landstuhl to see the castle. The boys were very excited to go see a castle like in Beauty and the Beast. Driving through Europe is still extremely nerve racking for us. All of the small streets that are not one way streets but because I am from the U.S. I feel like they should be, make me very nervous so Husband drives any time we go out. Once you get to the street that you need to take to get to the parking lot of the hotel and the castle you start questioning if you are suppose to go that way when you first see it. For us the road looks like a side walk. Yes you turn that way and it does have a sign on the bottom in English that says restricted to hotel and castle quest. After passing it a couple times we turn up that way and it opens up and you realize you are going the right way.

17626172_10155980287568082_752854761693947673_nAs you drive up a very steep driveway you pass a park right before you get to the hotel. We took the boys there after seeing the castle. It was a very fun little play area. There was a slide, a spring thing, a play castle, and swings. My boys enjoyed it.

We decided to park at the hotel since it was in between the play area and the castle. It was just a small hike each way. On your way up (and down) the path to the castle there are few tree stumps and they have carved faces into them. It is whimsical or could be scary depending on your perspective. Personally I thought it made the walk much more magical.

Once we got to the castle of course we took quiet a few photos of the outside before heading in. When you get up the stairs there’s a window to your right to pay. Kids under 7 years old are free, minors 7 years and up are 2,50 Euro, Adults are 4,00 Euro, and there are discounts which are stated online and on a board right outside. There was a bit of a hard time communicating with the man at the window. We did get a discount for being military which is what he may have been confirming or maybe he was worried he didn’t have change cause we only had 20 Euro. Either way we got through it and it was all good.

We let our boys lead the way. It was so much fun watching them explore. It is not stroller17629951_10155980245713082_4119399295117921387_n friendly in any way. I would suggest a baby backpack, Ergo, Tula, or even a baby leash if you have small kids. Our older boys listen pretty well for the most part so we don’t usually have to use anything with them but of course Ky can’t walk yet.

There are some beautiful spiral stairs. We did have the boys hold our hands when we would go up these and of course if we were up higher without good barriers between the kids and you know death. There weren’t many death areas in my opinion or at least not for my kids.

For me it was so cool just feeling like I was standing in a piece of history. Though I couldn’t read many of the signs it was really neat. They do offer an audio tour but with our boys we knew just getting through the castle would be an accomplishment. I kept telling my husband how badly I wanted to be dressed up. I was getting some major Game of Thrones vibes.

Ezra and Miloh where just amazed in general. Ez even made up stories about how there was a princess trapped, a monster that needed to be fought, and heroes in armor. I can’t tell you it word for word but that was the gist. Their imaginations were working over time. As a mom this was magical all on it’s on.

I have never been to a castle in Europe before so I have nothing to compare it to but I would give this little visit 10 stars. It was an easy visit for first timers and we had tons of fun. Depending on you and your comfort level of hikes and old buildings with your kiddos would really factor into if I would highly suggest this for you. We have 4 years old, 2 years old, and 11 months old and had a nice day out.

Great memories were made today.



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