Welcome To Germany: The Flights

We are here!!! We are finally here in Germany with my husband!!!

After so much paperwork and a few surprise set backs it is so nice to finally be back together after being apart for almost 10 months. We have now been here almost one month and things are starting to settle in. We do have a ways to go though.

Our travel had it’s ups and it’s downs. Getting into the airport and waiting on our first flight was actually very easy. We got there early and had plenty of time to check in and get through TSA. We even had an hour to sit with our family and friends before we left. Of course right before we bored some tears were shed and many hugs were given.16999009_1439795582697504_7616399903828519637_n

Our first flight was a very small plane. Ez ended up sitting behind Yo, Ky, and Myself but he made a friend with the passenger next to him. It had terrible turbulence. We even had a 20 minute delay. I was so grateful that I told the airline I would need help getting to my next flight at my lay over. I more than likely would have missed my second flight if it weren’t for the help I got. Shout out to American Airlines.

Once we bored onto our 2nd and last flight that would land us into Frankfurt Germany things were actually very smooth. We had a whole middle row for just us and the plane wasn’t very full. We had our snacks and dinner served to us on the plane. The flight attendant held my baby while I took the older boys to potty and then the boys settled in playing with mess free markers and robot toys. They wanted to watch a movie but I said no and had them lay down to sleep. I think this really helped with the jet lag. All three boys got right at about 5 hours of sleep. I got none. Right as I was about to dose off the light came on for breakfast.

All and all a fairly uneventful trip……..then we landed.

I decided to wait for almost everyone to exit the plane before getting my gang off. There was another mom behind me who was very friendly. I didn’t catcher her name but she spoke very clear English and for what I could tell clear German too. We chatted as we left the plane.

I fell behind because I knew there should be my stroller waiting on me when I left the plane and I would need to get everyone settled into it but as fate would have it my stroller was no where to be found. Thank God I wore my Ergo.

With baby in the carrier and holding the hands of two little boys I made my way up a crazy steep escalator. This escalator led to no where. Literally I was in a maze with nothing but an Exit sign telling me where to go. That sign of course was in German with a small English translation under it. I followed that and figured I would eventually find my way out. I must have looked dazed and confused because as soon as I got to customs they pointed me right into the shortest line.

I got to baggage claim where I was hoping to find my husband. Seeing as we had 6 big bags, 3 car-seats, 2 carry on bags, and a lost stroller I knew I would need all the help. Husband was not there and as soon as my phone hooked up to the WiFi I found out that there was no way for him to get to me there. Some how I was suppose to magically get me, 3 boys, and all of our things down a hall and through a small maze to him all by myself.

Husband tried asking someone if he could get to me. They told him no and that I should have asked for help before I got there and someone would have been there to help. I did. I asked for assistance before I got on my first flight. They were no help at all. I made Ez and Yo sit to the side and just started pulling bags. A young Airmen sees me struggling and helped pull a few of my  bags for me. Then the lady who was behind me paid for my cart to help push all of this. In the mean time I cannot find my car-seats or stroller but I couldn’t have fit them any way so I make my way to husband.

We get to Cody and needless to say I am not happy. Being tired, confused, and disgruntled is just not a good look for me. Cody goes and finds our other things because I just don’t have it in me. After all of this Cody has parked at the wrong terminal. I send him with 2 boys and their car-seats to move the truck because there is no way for us move all our things.

It took hubs an hour to do this. I had an angry baby and no where to sit down. I just arrived in a new county with 3 small jet lagged boys and was about to have a crying break down in the German airport. Don’t ask me how but I held it together.

It was crazy trying to get back to the car because husband just did not know where he was going and was getting flustered.

It is about an hour and a half from the airport to our house and we had sleeping boys, one angry baby, an over emotional wife, and a nervous husband in one car. We made it though.

I took a shower and cleaned up the boys then husband kept me up until 7pm so that I could adjust to the time easier. Shout out to him for dealing with my hateful ass. 16864923_1546157625408432_2113174267198343049_n

No one gave me a heads up on how Frankfurt Airport was. I felt so lost when I landed to empty hall ways and no help or guidance. Over all flying with 3 small boys was pretty easy.

Though I did say, “Cody I love you but NEVER ask me to travel to a new country by myself with three small kids ever again because I will NOT do it again.”


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